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AmbazoneProdukt-Nr.: 1.0

Ambazone auf Anfrage erhältlich

1,4-Benzoquinone guanylhydrazone thiosemicarbazone monohydrate
[CAS-6011-12-7], [CAS 539-21-9] (anhydrous)C8H11N7S . H2O (255.30) reddishbrown crystal m. p. 196 -198 °C,
solubility: >2 mg/l (water), 25 g/l (DMSO)Antimicrobial and non-classic antineoplastic agent in mice.
GHS 07 (reizend), R 22, R 36, R 37, R 38
S 26, S 36 RTECS #.

 1.001.000   Preis je :  0.00 EUR
Maduranic acid/ MadurahydroxylactonProdukt-Nr.: 4.0

Maduranic acid/ Madurahydroxylacton auf Anfrage erhältlich

3,9,11,14,15-Pentahydroxy-7-methoxy-10-methyl-1,8,13-trioxo-1,3,5,6,8,13- hexahydronaphthaceno[1,2-f]isobenzofurane,
[CAS 97743-95-8], is a biologically active antibiotic from Nonomuria rubra for research, combinatorial chemistry, and drug development, C26H18O10. H2O (491.4), red powder, m. p. 218-300 °C (dec.), soluble in alkaline and organic solvents, such as DMSO, DMF. Cytotoxicity IC50 >10 µg/ml (L-929 cells, mice fibroblast lines)
GHS 07 (reizend), R 22-36/37/38 S 26-36 RTECS #

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Nourseothricin-dihydrogen sulfate/clonNAT powderProdukt-Nr.: 5.0

ACHTUNG! Neue Preise ab 01. September 2018
clonNAT-Bestellung plus Material je Plastik-Röhrchen 1,00 EURO
ab 10g clonNAT plus Transport-Versicherung entsprechend Euro-Wert

(streptothricins F + D). Our trade name is clonNAT, amino-glycoside antibiotics from Streptomyces noursei [CAS 96736-11-7]. Broad antimicrobial activity, was used as an ergotropicum (nutritivum) in animal nutrition, until 1990 in Germany.
Selection system: clonNAT + plasmid pYL16 (resistance plasmid with nat k gene, see our special information), for selection of recombinant resistant pro- and eukaryotic cells and for modern plant cultivation.
The beige crystals are soluble in water.
Acute toxicity: LD50 (oral, rat): 1185 mg/kg.
GHS 07 (reizend), R 22-36/37/38 S 26-36 RTECS # RD4240000.

Auf Anfrage, per e-mail oder Fax können Sie auch folgende mg-Mengen vom clonNAT bei unserem Unternehmen bestellen:

Bestell- Nr.
5.000.100100 mg
5.000.200200 mg
5.000.300300 mg
5.000.400400 mg
5.000.500500 mg

 5.001.000   Preis je    1 g:  180.00 EUR
 5.002.000   Preis je    2 g:  360.00 EUR
 5.003.000   Preis je    3 g:  580.00 EUR
 5.004.000   Preis je    4 g:  770.00 EUR
 5.005.000   Preis je    5 g:  900.00 EUR
 5.010.000   Preis je    10 g:  1800.00 EUR
 5.020.000   Preis je    20 g:  3600.00 EUR
 5.025.000   Preis je    25 g:  3700.00 EUR
 5.030.000   Preis je    30 g:  4600.00 EUR
 5.050.000   Preis je    50 g:  7600.00 EUR
 5.100.000   Preis je    100 g:  13300.00 EUR
Plasmid pYL16Produkt-Nr.: 6.0

with resistance gene nat k, encoding for nourseothricin N-acetyl-transferase, inactivates clonNAT by monoacetylation of the ß-amino group of the ß-lysyl moiety.

 6.000.002   Preis je 2µg:  130.00 EUR
Nourseothricin/clonNAT–SolutionProdukt-Nr.: S5.0

Nourseothricin (NTC) or clonNAT ready to use stock solution (sterile, stabilized, pH 6.6). To be stored in the dark! Stable at room temperature for at least 6 months and at 4°C for at least 1 year.

For research only!

Streptothricin antibiotic Nourseothricin (clonNAT; NTC). Excellently suited for the selection of genetically modified Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, yeast, filamentous fungi, protozoa, microalgae, plants and many others (species, selection concentrations, etc. see Table 1).

Download PDF - Examples of organisms/cell lines suited for Nourseothricin(NTC)/clonNAT selection

Bestell- Nr.Concentration
S5.000.001200 µg/ml
S5.000.005200 µg/ml
S5.000.010100 µg/ml
S5.000.025100 µg/ml
S5.000.050100 µg/ml

 S5.000.001 (200 µg/ml)   Preis je 1 ml:  75.00 EUR
 S5.000.005 (200 µg/ml)   Preis je 5 ml:  290.00 EUR
 S5.000.010 (100 µg/ml)   Preis je 10 ml:  290.00 EUR
 S5.000.025 (100 µg/ml)   Preis je 25 ml:  350.00 EUR
 S5.000.050 (100 µg/ml)   Preis je 50 ml:  1050.00 EUR

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